Doing better

Thanks so much for all the concern re my neck.  It was quite a bit better on Thursday and the pain was completely gone when I woke up on Friday.   I get this sort of thing about once every couple of months it seems, and, well, I'm getting older, and am definitely out of shape, so I just don't recover as quickly as I used to.  I think it comes from sleeping in an odd position, which I definitely did the night this hit this time.  Mark had had his shot that day, and ever since we got back from our vacation, Kaylee's only been sleeping a couple of hours in her own bed before ending up in ours (which could be a whole other post).  So that night, to keep Kaylee from kicking Mark's back, we had put a body pillow between him and her, which meant I had even less room than usual, and I think she slept half the night on top of me.  I think I also need to look at putting more water back in my side of the bed.  We took some out when I was pregnant with Kaylee, because I needed it softer, and just never got around to putting it back.  Or maybe I'm just getting too old for a waterbed. :-b  Anyway, sorry for whining about it so much.  Mark was in his own pain, so I didn't get any slack, and I think I was feeling sorry for myself.

Speaking of Mark, he had his follow up on this last shot yesterday.  He has good days and bad, but he's still pretty achy.  Instead of full-blown therapy, they're going to try this thing where he goes for a couple of sessions, and they teach him exercises to do at home.  Hopefully, it will help, because unlike last time he did therapy and only had to pay a co-pay for the very first session, our insurance now is such that he would have to pay the co-pay every single time.

The last couple of days I did a partial update to my website for all those friends and family types, and then I've mainly been trying to get my creative team stuff done, so that maybe I can squeeze in time to get started on another kit to sell.  I got two layouts done (with one more put into the I-like-the-concept-but-it-just-won't-work-with-this-kit-no-matter-what-I-do-so-I'll-set-it-aside-to-do-on-my-own-later pile).  I have four more layouts and my Mega Kit to do within about the next three weeks, in addition to some loose ends to tie up on that whole TAOM thing for Mark this weekend.  

I decided today to move the scanner out to my computer, since I use it way more than Mark does. These days even if he does need something scanned, he asks me to do it.  I've got it mostly working.  It's a ridiculously old scanner, and it hates Windows XP.  The only thing I don't have working yet is the old version of the software, which I wouldn't need except that the new "improved" version doesn't have descreening, which I need to get a decent scan of any of my color Dover stuff.  I think there's supposed to be a way to correct that just in Photoshop if I can't get the scanner to cooperate, but I'm not sure.

But, tonight while Mark's D&D-ing and actually not watching TV, I think I'm going to go watch some of my gazillion episodes of "All My Children" before the TiVo eats a bunch more of them like it somehow did while we were on vacation…


karin said…
Kim, I am so relieved that you are feeling better! I bet you are right on target with all the likely causes of that pain. I hope you get it all resolved soon!

Glad to hear you'll be watching your shows soon ..... does TiVo eat your shows? Eeeeeek - K will have a fit if Rachel Ray gets "eaten" up! ;)
Tania said…
So glad you're feeling better!!