I *heart* this layout.

Still feeling a bit under the weather, but I'm quite a bit better than I was. So I've been spending the last few days getting caught up on laundry, blogs, and boards, and doing a little work on my website, since I got a nice subtle hint from Mark's uncle that I hadn't done it in a while. :-b I made a few minor updates to my links page, updated my RAKScraps kits page and added one for my Scrapdish kit. And, since I post my layouts on there in chronological order, I went back and made a list of all the pics I need to scrap to get "caught up". I was surprised at how many pics I'd skipped over to do all my various sponsor layouts. I've got at least a good 30-35 layouts to go to be completely caught up (including the trip we just took), and obviously that's going to take some time at the rate I scrap, but I'm trying to fill in enough gaps to do a partial update of the site. So… I've been scrapping Christmas!

It's a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it's 98°F outside. LOL I've done a spread of Christmas morning, one of Kaylee's and my activities during the day, and a page on Mark and Matthew that day. And I'm not happy with any of them. So I'm going to let them sit a day or two (or three) and come back to them.

But I did do one layout that I'm actually thrilled with how it turned out! :-) I had this picture of Kaylee in the Cinderella wedding dress that she got for Christmas that didn't really go with any of the other pics, and it wasn't the greatest pic, but she didn't have the veil on very long, and it was the best shot out of the three I had, so I decided to put it on its own page.

I was whining to Tania the other night that I'm so used to doing one-kit layouts for the sponsors, that I don't know how to mix and match anymore. So, knowing I didn't have any appropriately themed kits (at least as far as I remember), I decided to just run searches on my files and throw stuff in and see what looked good. I really enjoyed putting this together, but, wow, what a lot of time-consuming details. Many tedious hours later, this is the result…

Click here if you want to see the really big version.

And here is what I think is a record for me as far as a credit list…

(This was put together from a deep hard drive dig, so many of these are no longer available, but I've listed the original source if I know it. Almost everything has had at least some minor tweaking to the color; I've noted the ones that I've completely changed the color on.)

- ribbons: Mari Koegelenberg's "Blissful Blossoms Sample" (TheDigiChick)
- stitching: Mo Jackson's "Mo Sews - Stitches Part One"
Background paper: Michelle Coleman's "Candy Coated Mini" (blog)
Lace, from top to bottom:
- "Daisy Lace" by Shari (SBB downloads?)
- Julie Mead's "Wedding Bouquet" (e-scapeandscrap.net), recolored
- Rina Kroes' "Miss Molly" (SBB downloads)
- Tracy Sims from original P4D BCA Mega Kit
- Rebecca DiGrazio's "Hydrangea" (RAKScraps prize), recolored
- Eyelet lace by TLC Janna (SBB downloads)
- Maria Kim "RAKScraps Feb. '05 Mega Kit", recolored
- Amy Knepper's "Gracie's Garden - Forget-Me-Nots" (Scrapdish)
- Julie Mead's "Wedding Bouquet" (e-scapeandscrap.net), recolored
- vellum base shape by me.
- stitching: Mo Jackson's "Mo Sews - Stitches Part One"
- bow: Steph730 (SBB downloads)
- doodle: Fee Jardine (with Kristy Nerness) "For The Girls" (Plain Digital Wrapper), recolored
- eyelet ruffle: pieced from lace frame by Ronna Penner (SBB downloads?)
- purple ruffle: Mo Jackson's "Annie's Bunnies", recolored
Flowers (left to right):
- Mo Jackson's "Ashley Five", recolored
- Tandika Star's "Crate Flowers" (Digiscrap Designer)
- Katie Pertiet's "Felt Flower Freebie" (Designer Digitals challenge), recolored
- Holly McCaig's "Pretty Petals" (blog), center recolored
- Holly McCaig's "Lil Petals" (blog), recolored, center from "Pretty Petals"
- Priscilla Halliday (RAKScraps), button and stitch by me
- Mo Jackson's "Ashley Five", recolored
Date Stick Pin by Holly McCaig (Holly McCaig Designs).
Fonts: Ville de Geneva ES, Hootie!

See, I told you it was long. ;-)

So this little experience made me think that I needed to consider using Picasa or some such program to keyword tag all my digital scrapping files to be able to fully utilize what I have and do this more often. So I ran a little check to see how many files I have. Couldn't be more than two or three thousand, right? As of this moment, that folder contains a mere 76,529 files…

Uhm, yeah. I'll get right on that. :-b


jane said…
rofl kim!!! too funny!! i used to label all my elements, but then i got behind and when i looked at what had built up....well, i was almost glad my harddrive went kaput that month!! the layout rocks! she just looks beautiful in that dress...and that really is the longest credit list i have ever ever seen!!!
Tania said…
I heart that layout too!! That is truly one amazing layout list. You should get started on those 76,529 files, LMBO!!
Francine said…
Very very very sweet lay out!

And you know, just forget about the whole caught up thing.... I did that a long time ago. Now I scrap about what I feel like scrapping about, what catched my eye when I go through photo's on my pc, or whatever triggers it. My kids have no layouts whatsoever about the birthdays of last year.

So liberating :-)
karin said…
Kim, I love that layout! I can see that in the wedding album for sure!! {sniff, sniff}

And the organizing and catching up thing is so poignant right now - I am KNEE deep in photos and organizing ... I have her book to get started (0-5yrs) and his book to finish (I'm on 3 yrs old right now ...) and then I am COMPLETELY adopting Fransie's thought on this - scrap it cause you like it! :O)

Best of luck!
Natalie said…
LOL, Kim, that's quite a few files you have there! I checked the other day and I have 23GB in my digiscrap files folder (doesn't include the layouts, just the papers and elements, etc.). Probably not nearly what you have, but enough that the thought of organizing them is already quite daunting.

Love the page! Good for you for just jumping in there and doing it because you wanted to (did I just write that? Oh well, at this point, I do have some papers, pictures and elements open to get started on a LO!). It's a great page, and a sweet photo (excellent photo extraction, too!).

Hope you continue to feel better; I had a rather mild cold, but it's lingering - not enough to really drag me down but enough to make me realize now and again, "Heh, I'm still here...).
Robin said…
Wow Kim! That's some list - and your page is beautiful!!!
I've been trying the same thing a bit lately and it is fun!
Mish said…
Holy moly Kim! This must have taken you forever to pull all these together...but it was sure worth it. Your layout is beautiful! I did one like that recently and it's a real kick.
what a cutie pie! Love the design and the colors. perfect for her!