Clearance sale, layouts, and news.

{booming announcer voice} ScrapDish is having their first ever Clearance Sale! 200 items dirt-cheap! Includes Day-Old-Donuts, which help fund RAKScraps, as well as regular designer items! Sale ends Labor Day and then those kits will be gone, gone, GONE! Run over there now while the savings are hot!! {end booming announcer voice}

LOL Seriously, I put all 13 of the Day Old Donut kits below in the sale at 60-65% off, and they'll be gone after September 4th, so if you ever wanted 'em, now is the time! :-)

In other news, the RAKScraps August newsletter, which is totally awesome as always, came out last night, so I can now post my Mega Kit contribution... well as my remaining sponsor layouts:

See my gallery at RAKScraps for journaling and credits. :-)

These will be my last sponsor layouts. I made a very difficult decision and stepped down from the sponsor team. I'd been thinking about it for quite a while. I really loved working with the sponsors. It was so cool to get exposed to so many different designers, and, hey, you can't beat free kits, right? But I have always been, and always will be, an incredibly slow scrapper, so these were taking up a ton of my time, and I decided I wanted to divert that time to designing for a while. Hopefully, I'll still find time to do a layout just for fun now and then, but I imagine my scrapping will be pretty minimal for a while… like maybe 'til Kaylee starts kindergarten next year. LOL

I'm sure there are other things I wanted to blog about, but they escape me at the moment, and it's almost time to go meet Matthew's bus, so I guess that's it for today!


Natalie said…
Wow, Kim, just a little ol' announcement there, huh? Well, I hope it all works out okay and that you don't regret it for a minute! They are great LOs, though; I'm really loving the orange!
Francine said…
Those are GREAT lay outs. Especially love the middle one. You have such a knack for using lots of pictures - something I am horribly bad at.

I know how difficult these decision are; to say goodbye to something fun. I got out of the whole publication/DT thing for similar-but-different reasons, and although it was a good decision, it still wasn't a fun one.
jane said…
you mean you wont be on our sponsor team anymore???????? that makes me sooo sad!!! I love your layouts! (especially this past bubble one! that rocked!!) I know what you mean with it being time consuming tho! love the booming announcer voice, hehe! :)
karin said…
Kim, I so relate to letting go of something fun, but having to. I hope you won't regret it, and find the time for more fun things!

LOVE the new layouts .... awesome picture series! :O)
my2boys said…
woohooo for you kim. Awesome layouts...have to go to scrapdish and do some shopping....and good for you for making a decision. I have been toying with some myself...but can't make myself do it yet. Maybe you will inspire me. Hugs and love
Angela said…
I loved these layouts - I was actually picturing you photographing Kaylee at the bus stop - sort of like a model at a professional photo shoot - music, lights, fans and all, lol.

Fransie says she's not good at using several pictures, and I always think I use too many - but I loved the way these layouts turned out!