Little things make me happy. :-)

As Kaylee and I were walking back to the house this morning after putting Matthew on the bus, a semi pulled up on the adjacent street. Very odd, since we're in a very twisty residential neighborhood, and normally the only semis we see are occasional moving vans. Then the semi turned onto our street and parked across from our house. It was at that point that I noticed the top of the semi's trailer was covered by a black tarp instead of the normal solid roof. I had a suspicion but dared not get my hopes up.

When I left to take Kaylee to school, the semi had moved forward and there were orange cones lining the street. I dropped Kaylee off at school, then went to do a bit of grocery shopping. When I got home, where the semi had been was a mountain of bark mulch! Woo hoo!

Why am I so excited about mulch? Across the street from our house is a park with two small playground areas set into pits, which are supposed to be filled with mulch. All summer long, those pits have been pretty well empty, with just barely a layer of dirty mulch, and lots of exposed uneven layers of rubber mats. The few times we got over there, kids were always tripping over the mats and would get just filthy if they got down on the ground. Not to mention that the drop from the bottom of the equipment and sidewalks was a good nine inches more than it should have been. I kept meaning to call the city to see when it was going to be filled in, but somehow always got sidetracked.

Right at this very moment there is a crew of guys working away with bulldozers and bobcats and rakes to move Mulch Mountain into the playgrounds!! We're going to have safe, clean playgrounds again! Now hopefully, the weather will cool off soon so that we can actually use them without melting! :D

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A little Matthew story: The other night when I did Matthew's bedtime stories, he chose "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". We've read this book lots of times, but this time he asked me about why the Grinch took all the Whos' stuff, so I explained that the Grinch had thought he could take away the Whos' happiness by taking all their stuff, but they were still happy because they didn't need things to be happy. His response? Very seriously, "If someone took my X-Box, I would totally get them." ROTFL So much for life lessons from Dr. Seuss. :-b


karin said…
hahahahahaha! I love the Grinch story! And HOORAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! on the playground safety! ~~~~ cooooooler weather heading your way ~~~~

By the way, love the tag, and I am heading that way now! (I love, love, love all the 'weird' things about you!) :)
Melinda said…
Yeah for the mulch delivery! I don't think I would have let my kids play there much this summer.

LOL about the Dr.Suess lesson. the frankness of kids can be very funny most times- and disconcerting at times too ;)
Francine said…
LOL @ Matthews reaction to the Grinch story!

And hooray for mulch. it's amazing how stuff like that can make you day. an, if someone told me that during Life Before Diapers, I would have laughed at them so hard:p.
jane said…
hehehe..matthew is way funny! kids have such a black and white view at life, lol. awesome for the park! I can just imagine how you are going to love that!!
and thanks for the tag, lol!! i followed all the rules to a T :)
Meredith said…
yea for mulch! our playground is too hot, too! lol matthew sounds like a normal kid! how funny!
my2boys said…
I am so glad that you guys are getting the playground fixed up! And don't you hate that they get so hot...I keep saying...we can build stuff that goes into space, but we cannot make a material for slides that doesn't burn your ass?!?!?