Meet the teacher

Ugh. So hot out.

We went to Kaylee's school this morning to pick up all the paperwork, see her classroom, and meet her teacher.  The teacher seems nice, as does her aide, although the aide had a pretty thick accent, so I had a little trouble understanding her.  Matthew was very cute, enthusiastically showing Kaylee all around the room.  I was glancing over the names on the info list for Kaylee's class to see how they matched up with the locker arrangement (Kaylee's class is in the morning, and there's another class in that room in the afternoon), and just get a general idea of what the names were, since last year there were a lot of very unusual names in Kaylee's class and with the way she would pronounce them, I would have no idea what she was saying.  So then the teacher casually walks over and picks up the list and carries it around with her.  Uhm, great.  Kaylee's teacher's first impression of me is that I'm either just very nosy or a stalker. :-p

Anyway, when it was time to go, Kaylee did not want to leave, and got very cranky, screeching at Matthew if he tried to talk to her or hold her hand while we were walking in the parking lot or basically even breathe in her direction.  So much fun.  Not.  

Our next stop was the library to turn in the kids' summer reading logs so they could pick out a free paperback book.  Kaylee's crankiness continued.

Next was a quick stop at the store to pick up some prescriptions and hamburger.  Miss cranky part three.  

Such a fun morning.

Did I mention it was hot out?  We've been home for over an hour and I still have a headache from the heat.  Blech.  And we have to go back out in it for the classroom thing at Matthew's school in a couple of hours.  Double-blech.

And tomorrow school starts back up for real.  And we're going to have to be up at 6a.m.  I think it's going to be harder on me than it is on them.  Especially since I've been staying up really late to try to get stuff done after they're in bed.  I've gone to bed a bit earlier the last couple of nights, but it's been taking me forever to fall asleep, so I'm not really getting much more sleep.

Hopefully, Matthew's school thing will go better, and Kaylee will be out of this little mood.  (Note to self: avoid any behavior that could be construed as stalker-ish. :-b)


Natalie said…
Yikes, I feel for ya. There are times when Bridget will completely freak out if either M or J try to "help" her do something. In fact, she's definitely redefining "terrible twos" for me; with the other two, 3 and even 4 was worse than 2.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow. I've been getting up at around 6:40 am but that's not early enough, and after Steve leaves on Saturday, I'll need to be out of bed before 6 am. To walk the @$%@#$^ dog.

Anyway, I hope school goes well for both tomorrow. I'm totally hearing you on the heat. I've bought my Fall-scented yankee candle tarts (don't laugh!) and OMG, they are amazing. And I don't care if it's 95 outside, I'm loving spiced pumpkin N.E.Way.
karin said…
Kim, LOL at the stalking comment .... love that way you describe the events of the day .... I so understand crankiness with the gals. So different aren't they?

I hope today was better, and perhaps more cool, and that you are gaining on the sleep thing. At some point, exhaustion will give in, and you'll sleep SOUNDLY.

Mish said…
I didn't know that looking at a class list was considered being nosy, or being a stalker!! Geez...lighten up teacher lady! :-)

I'm sorry it's still so hot where you are. It's finally cooled off here...nice relief.

Hang in there Kim. Once you get back into the routine of school, I'm sure you'll feel better.
my2boys said… the teacher! Too cute! I don't think that the teacher thought you were a stalker, teehehhe. I do the same thing. And little Kaylee....the tude huh? lol. I so understand that. sigh. And good job Matthew helping your sis out...too sweet! Here is too a great school year and a well rested momma!
Francine said…
You stalker type :p.

Hope they had a good first day of school today!!
Susie said…
Dude ... I just walked the dog this evening, and it's in the mid50s right now. We were near 100 degrees last week, but there's nothing like an August evening in Vermont to convince a person that fall is coming.

Here's hoping that by morning miss K is full of sunshine!
Tania said…
Hope school went well! I'm sure your not the first parent to exhibit stocker like behavior, LOL!!