Still hot. School update. Jeanine's birthday sale.

I think I need to just make up a new blog template that starts every post with "It's so stinkin' hot today." :-b

How sad is it that the days that don’t break 100°F look "cool". Too bad they don't feel cool when you're out in it! I think it makes it worse that with the kids being in school, it just seems like we should get to have fall weather, even though fall is still technically a long way off, and usually doesn't really hit here until around Halloween anyway. Let's just hope those thunderstorms actually happen. Everything is soooo dry. And I've heard that the lake where we get our water is incredibly low. We've been on "Stage 3 Drought Restrictions" since early June, with no end in sight.

Anyway, Matthew's "meet the teacher" went fine. His regular teacher just had a baby and still has five weeks of maternity leave left, so he'll have a sub until then, but they were both there for that. The kids have two whole days of school under their belts now and are on their third. Matthew came home yesterday complaining. "We had to do so much more work than the first day!!!!" He went on and on and on about all the stuff they had to do. Oh, the torture of being a second-grader. ;-)

Kaylee had great days at school. She was all smiles and excited when I picked her up. Yesterday we needed to stop for gas on the way home. I stopped at a pump that was in the shade and put down my window so that it wouldn't get too hot in there for her while I was pumping (we have pay at the pump). When I got back in, she asked if she could have her window down, so I put it down for her while I was getting situated. When I got ready to pull out and drive the four blocks back to house, I asked her if she wanted it up. No. Okay, well just let me know if you want it up. We pull out of the shade and she immediately starts panicked screaming for me to put it up because it's too bright (we have tinted windows), so I do. Then five seconds later she changes her mind and wants it back down. I tell her I'm not putting it back down, since she just told me she wanted it up, and this is a precedent I don't want to set. No way am I going to be putting her window up and down every five seconds every time we drive anywhere. She continues yelling/screaming/sobbing to put the window down. We get to the house and she's still freaking out and doesn't want to get out and go in the house. It's 90-something degrees out. No way am I going to stand in the garage and argue with her, so I calmly drag her out of the SUV, and we go in the house, where she continues her fit. I tried to get her to calm down, but when she gets like this anything I say to her just makes her madder, so I finally just had to walk away and go about my business while she followed me around sobbing until she finally calmed herself down. I swear this girl is going to be the end of my sanity. :-b

In other news, yesterday was Jeanine's birthday!! Jeanine is the owner of both RAKScraps and ScrapDish and is just an awesome person and a total sweetheart!! She juggles a load that makes my life look like a day at the beach and constantly amazes me with all that she manages to do. (And she's so incredibly modest that she would hate it that I said that!) Here's the card I made for her to post at RAKScraps.

I found the quote on ThinkExist and just thought it was too perfect, since Jeanine is always such an uplifting friend. :D The kit is Jeanine's awesome "Essence" at And it's on sale! Go grab it right now! In fact, all of her stuff is on sale at SBB and ScrapDish too and there's a coupon for even more savings! Check out the sale info on her blog!

I've been working a lot on the elements sets (yep, decided to go that route with this instead of a kit), and have them partly done. I just need to go back and redo the first part now that I've figured out how I want to do it! It's all taking way longer than I originally anticipated, and I'll probably wind up making about 2¢ per hour on it, but I refuse to give up on it now! LOL

Alrighty. I have a little bit of business to take care of before I run off to pick Miss Thing up from school. Wish us a tantrum-free day! :-)


Melinda said…
After catching up with your last couple of posts, I know that someone else can relate to how Brenna acts ;-P Kaylee and Brenna sound like two peas in a pod; Brenna does it on a daily basis though. I pray that by the time she gets to school she's learned not to do that over little tiny slight ::fingers crossed!::

I can't wait to see your elements sets! I've so been drooling over all of the pretties at the stores out there lately!
karin said…
Kim, it's a girl thing, I think. oiy. aren't they sanity-suckers? I hope that today there was no tantrum. :O)

I love, love, love the card that you made!~ I was lol at the words! Too perfect!

Glad M had fun at school, but sorry he's so stretched with work. :p

Hope the elements are coming along .....

and I am trying to send cool breezes your way. Going to be 55 tomorrow morning here. It is a NICE break from the 100* earlier!!
Gina said…
Yeah, I feel your pain. It's not much cooler 300 miles NE of you! Talked to my MIL today, "How's your weather?" ::sigh:: "It's hotter than the depths of Hell, Marie" HATE it!

I thought I was going to spew my tea when I read the card for Jeanine! Love it!!!
my2boys said…
I loveeee that carrrrddddd. too funnnny!

the fits...oy the fitttssss. sigh...little sanity suckers.

CANNOTTTT wait to see your goodies!
Tania said…
So Karin says it's a girl thing, the fits, but let me tell you, my little drama king give 'em good! Drives me crazy!
Can't wait to see what you're cookin' up, and did Jeanine just LOVE your card or what!! Too funny!!
jane said…
hard to believe there are kids that are back in school in canada they dont go back for another month! love the quote for jeanne!
Priscilla said…
Wishing you many tantrum free days!! lol, though you gotta have a bit of drama now and then to truely appreciate the times they act like angels.
Francine said…
Here's to another tantrum free day!

LOL about M going on about aaaaaalll the work. Teehee! I feel for the kiddo!
Natalie said…
I'm so LOL at that quote on Jeanine's card! What a great bit of (unexpected) humor there! Yeah, James is doing a lot more work in class, too - it's like, wow, this is REAL school, yk? Graded work on a daily basis, letter grades on their report cards, etc.

Sorry about the tantrum thing, but LOL at the cause - aren't kids funny like that? Of course, I'm wishing you fewer tantrum-y days from here on... ;)