Gosh, it gets dusty in here fast.

So busy. Let's see, catch up a bit first. We enjoyed the rest of my folks' visit. They left last Sunday. We took advantage of their last night here to have them watch the kids, while Mark and I went out for a movie and dinner. I can't remember the last time the two of us got out without the kids, so that was nice. We saw "The Illusionist". Really good movie, even if you're not into magic, and all the magic done in it is more or less historically accurate. Very cool.

The RAKScraps Mega Kit started coming out last night. Since Jeanine has been out with her surgery, I did the group preview and took care of the file prep for it this month, which can be hectic with a lot of detail work, communicating with multiple team members at once, etc. Anyway, the kit is so fun and everyone did a great job. Here's the group preview:

Mine is the one with the globe and paper people chains just above the mega kit stamp. Kinda out there on the whimsical scale. LOL Hopefully someone will be able to use it. At least there's some nice plain twill in there if nothing else. ;)

I can't remember if I've mentioned it here before, but I took over coordinating the creative team at ScrapDish a couple of months ago. Robin had been doing it, but has gotten so busy with her designs (she also sells at SBB at DSD now – go, Robin!), that I offered to help out. Well, this week it also happened to be time to revamp the process for the way the CT runs, so there have been endless details with trying to get all that figured out, and I've still got more work to do to get all my systems in place so that hopefully things will run smoothly.

I also started another kit to sell, but I haven't had time to work on it this week. Hopefully, I can get some more done on it this weekend, but I need to get started on my next prize kit for RAKScraps too. Mark has D&D this afternoon, which means I've got the kids. I think tomorrow morning we might go do some shopping for fall clothes for the kids. I think they've probably outgrown most of their stuff from last year, and, yes, I have delusions that it will turn cool here soon. We actually did have a few mornings this week that we had to wear jackets, but it was still plenty hot in the afternoon. Oh, and of course, since it's football season, I'll lose Mark to the TV all day tomorrow, which means I'll mostly have the kids again tomorrow. Sigh. :b

What else have I been up to? I had my teeth cleaned on Monday - woo hoo :b, and I've gone to the first two sessions of Love & Logic parenting classes at Kaylee's school the last two Fridays. This is the method the school uses, so it's good to be on the same page, and some of the stuff has already come in handy with Miss Moody. The classes have actually been kind of fun, but they cut into my very valuable and already very minimal kid-free time! LOL

So, I've still just been mostly skimming blogs and boards, and I owe some people some emails. Sorry about that. Hopefully, I'll find my pace again soon!


Tania said…
Been wondering where you've been :D Sounds like you are super busy! You did great with the preview. Hope you get some time to play soon!
Robin said…
You sound way busier than I am Kim! :) Can't wait to see the new kit too! And you are so awesome with all you do at RAKS & SD. Don't know what we'd do without ya!
jane said…
wow, pretty busy kim!! and there i was like usual making everything more difficult for you :( you really do such a great job!! glad your visit with your parents went well!!
karin said…
Kim, good to see you back .... albeit the catching up that hurts the most, doesn't it? Love the kit, as always .... someday, I will find the digi bug. :O)

Love and Logic is the parenting a friend of mine has done, and has fantastic success with it ... hope you do too! :O)
Natalie said…
Oh phew, I was worried that I was just missing a bunch of your posts - now I see that you've been too busy to post many updates! Hmmm...I'm sure I can think of something to do with a globe, but of course, the trick would be actually putting it into an actual page. With my current "1 LO a month" pace, I'm not hopeful. ;) And you may know this already, but Amy who used to be in our group is real keen on Love and Logic; she's a great resource for me because I have a hard time going from theory to practice (though my kids give me plenty of opportunities to practice, ahem). Looking forward to seeing the new kit!
Jen said…
Just wanted to pop-in and thank you for helping out so much with the ScrapDish CT! You have been fabulous getting everything organized and together.
Francine said…
HI KIM! (<--- just wanted to say that> :)

(BTW are you up for a phone chaatew later this week? I have a photoshop question.....?)
Angela said…
Hi Kim! I am way way far behind on reading blogs, much less posting on my own, lol! And there are actually a few bloggers I read that post every day or nearly so. So when you take a break, it's easier for me to catch up reading, lol. Anyway, I'm working on it! ;o)

I admire so much your digi stuff, but I'll have to admire from afar for awhile, no way I have time to try to learn that right now!
Melinda said…
It's amazing how much time everything takes, isn't it? Hope you're getting a lot done!

There's been a time or two I needed a globe, and I'm sure another occasion will come up! That's a cool take on the theme. You always have such neat ideas!