Magic report, new kit.

Hi! Just peeking in quickly. The magic convention went really well overall. Mark hardly stopped running all weekend. The shows were wonderful. It's been a long time since I laughed that hard or that much. My dad declared it some of the best live entertainment he'd ever seen in his life. We got to sit right up front for all of them as a perk for all Mark's hard work.

I got pulled up on stage Friday night for a trick involving a selected card and a bow and arrow. I really hate being the center of attention, but I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. Good thing I didn't know at the time that there were 1100 people in the room (the stage lights were so bright I couldn't see past the first row), or I probably would have run and hid. It was all a lot of laughs, and, of course, the guy never shot at me. Matthew was very relieved afterwards that I was ok. LOL

Matthew got pulled up Saturday night in a smaller show for an absolutely wild trick which involved a circle of men protecting him while the magician lunged at them crazily, trying to get to the cards Matthew had stuffed in his sock. Too funny. He also was called up very briefly Sunday night to attempt to pet a very wiggly "dog" made from a cloth napkin. It sprang away as soon as Matthew reached for it, and Matthew jumped two feet. :)

And, nope, no pictures of any of it, since flash photography wasn't allowed.

Kaylee and my mom had a great time here at the house, and all the gifts I picked up for her were a big hit.

My folks are visiting through the rest of this week, so I'll still be scarce for a while. I have been quickly skimming blogs, but not taking the time to comment while they're here. Hope to be back to that next week. :)

I did manage to get the finishing touches put on the kit I'd been working on.

in the store here

Wanna see the inspiration? Click here. I just loved the colors and the whole sort of nostalgic retro feel. And I just had to go with the Canadian spelling of "flavour". LOL

Alrighty, time for me to get to bed, since I have to get the kids up early for school tomorrow. G'night! :)


Tania said…
Okay, first of all, so glad you had fun! I thought about you all week and was wondering what magical things were happening to you all :D

That kit, can I just saw WOW!! Awesome colors, awesome retro feel, I LOVE it!
karin said…
yay! I too was thinking about all the magic you were enjoying! I was right - it sounds AWESOME! (too bad no photos, though :( )

Love the description of M jumping back from the "dog", too funny!

That kit is great, and the inspiration is a great building!


Have fun with the 'rents and we'll see you soon, I hope!
Robin said…
Magic convention sounds like fun! I love your new kit too! Super cool!
Priscilla said…
You are a brave lady letting someone do a trick with a bow and arrow with you!! Glad the convention went so well!
Your new kit looks awesome, and you know what?, New Zealander's spell 'flavour' that way too!
Melinda said…
well, blogger ate my previous comment so you now get the abreviated version---
glad the magic convention went well and everyone had a great time

new kit is way cool!
jane said…
love the new kit kim!! fab job! So glad you guys had fun up there!! I would have run as soon as i was called to go on stage, kudos to you!!!!
Natalie said…
Wait - I didn't comment on this? Well anyway, I think this is a great kit (you really should post it in the Designer Announcements forum at DST). Glad to know that the Magic Convention and, in general, the weekend, went well. :)