The one in which Mark ends up sleeping in the guest room.

We all actually went to bed relatively early last night.  About 1am Kaylee wakes up, so I go grab her and throw her in our bed (this is our norm, and we have other things that are higher priority with her right now than this).  About 15 minutes later I wake up to Mark rummaging in the bathroom for a towel.  The bed is soaked.  The first half-asleep reaction is to figure it's Kaylee's doing (but she's dry).  So Mark spreads out a couple of towels and we go back to sleep.  Fifteen minutes later he's up again – the towel has soaked through again.  We're awake enough now to realize this is obviously a problem with our 15+ year old soft-sider waterbed.  Sigh.  

The bed has dual-bladders, and the problem seemed to be on Mark's side, so he headed for the guest room and slept the rest of the night there.  Kaylee and I slept the rest of the night on my side of the bed and it was fine, so at least the leak is slow enough to not cause a problem if no one is actually lying on that side.  So we opened up the bed this morning and tried to see if we could tell where the leak was, but we couldn't tell more than the general vicinity – somewhere along the side that faces the center of the bed.  Supposedly, if the leak is in a seam it will not be repairable, but if it's elsewhere we can patch it.  

We really don't want to be spending money on a new mattress set right now, so we're hoping it's fixable.  Just in case, Mark is starting to check out these "sleep number" beds that his family really likes.  They're pricey.  But with Mark's back problems, it may be worth it.  And there's a sale and financing deal going on right now – ending today.  Yikes.  We really don't want to make a snap decision on that big of a purchase.  Regardless though, we have a guest coming next weekend, so if we don't have a solution by then, it's going to make for some awkward sleeping arrangements.

So, Mark should be home soon, and we're going to take a closer look at the waterbed and see if we can figure out what's going on.  Send us lots of "patchable leak" vibes. LOL

And that's not what you were expecting from the title, is it? ;-)


karin said…
I gotta tell ya, Kim, that was such a surprise titel that I had to read onward to see what you were possibly talking about! :O) So glad to hear that it wasn't his mishievious behavior that got him removed from the boudoir. ;)

Sorry to hear about Kaylee's sleeping issue, and hope the other things clear up too.

Here's to an easily solved issue, as well as decision!
Jen said…
That sucks about the bed, Kim! :(

We have a sleep number bed and it's really been great. We've had it for about 4 years now. We also have the adjustable bed frame that makes the head and feet go up... that's awesome too! However we did have one little incident when we first got the bed where we accidently left the adjustable controller in the bed when we fell asleep. Needless to say we woke up around 2 am that night both sitting up at a perfect 90 degree angle. LOLOL! It was an hysterical sight for sure. LOL!

But definitely for us older people who are in our mid 30's and suffering from chronic back problems (HA!) it really is a great bed.
Natalie said…
Wow, yeah, that's not what I was expecting, technically, but I "know" you well enough that it wasn't going to be anything marital anyway. ;) I hope you can find the problem and that it's reparable.

Hmmm...sorry about the sleep issues w/ Kaylee; Bridget is still in our bed so I'm feeling that pain (minus a water bed, of course). I've been planning to transition her to her own room, but it would help if she had one in the first place.

Sending lots of good luck vibes for your mattress!