Spinning my wheels. And a kit and a layout.

So it looks like I fell back to that once a week thing. I'm having a hard time finding time to blog… and the mental capacity to form coherent thoughts to put together if I did make time. The last week is mostly a big blur with very little to show for it. I think there was a bit of laundry in there. I did some designing, but ended up shelving most of what I did. I backed up a bunch of files – 5 or 6 DVD's worth and still need to do more. I spent some time making a dent in my font organizing, but I'm not really sure why, since with the very little bit of scrapping I do these days, it's not like I'm likely to be using any of them in the near future. Mark got bitten by the organization bug on Saturday and started hauling some of his stuff out of Kaylee's closet (that's going to be a big project), so I spent some time on Sunday sorting through the heaps of clothes we found in there. Some I knew were in there that were very, very long ago donations from Mark's sister, stuff that her girls had outgrown that is about Kaylee's size now. But we also found two boxes and a large bag of the kids' baby/young toddler clothes that I thought we'd gotten rid of a long time ago.

Anyway, I have a couple of things to show that I actually did more than a week ago. First off, ScrapDish just put out our first ever monthly collaborative kit. It turned out really cool. Here's my part:

And you can see the whole thing, available in a few different configurations (ON SALE!), here.

And the other thing is a new layout I did using my Retro Flavour kit for my new designer profile page at ScrapDish. Wasn't I cute? ;)

Journaling: Me, about 19 months, getting my hair done just like Mommy.

The designer main page is here, click on my pic to see my full page. Jen did a great job on these. So fun! :) The pics of me alone and me with the kids were taken a couple of weekends ago. I have a few more of the kids from that day that I'll try to go ahead and post soon, since I'm not exactly cranking out the layouts these days. :p


karin said…
Kim, first of all, Kaylee looks EXACTLY like you! That is amazing, and yes, you are squeezably adorable! :O)

I love that photo of you and the kids, and the lo is wonderful.

I hear you on the time just getting away from you, and not really remembering where it all went ....
Melinda said…
That is a great photo and I love it with your Retro Flavour kit! too cute!
All of the SD-DT pages look great! I can't wait to see what she does for the CT :)
I've been feeling a bit like I am spinning my wheels lately too.
Tania said…
Oh that picture is soooo cute!! I love that kit even more now!
Me, spinnning wheels, yeah, that about sums it up for me too!
Natalie said…
KIM! I love the pictures you have of little Kim; you were adorable, and that's a really cute picture! I hear you about the blog thing; I've even been thinking about just quitting for now and maybe coming back later when I have more time (insert laughter here). I really like your portion of the kit (haven't seen the rest yet); you do nice work!
Robin said…
KIm, I love your LO! How cute is she in that dryer! :)
I just love our kit too! It rocks!
jane said…
o kim!!!! FANTASTIC layout!! what a prize pic! really great page!
love the scrapdish collab kit too!
my wheels are sooo not spinning, lol...i think i popped a hole in my tire :)
Gina said…
Love the hairdryer and curlers! Totally takes me back to those days. You were a cutie pie!