Just the pics :)

Ok, I have not been scrapping at all lately and I've been really bad about posting pics, and really I haven't even been taking many, but here are a few. These are from the day we shot the pics for my ScrapDish profile. The kids wanted me to take more after we were done, so these are some quick shots of them just running around being silly. My camera couldn't keep up, so I apologize for the blurriness and odd exposure in most of them…

(Kaylee telling me I was holding the camera the wrong way.)

(No, she wasn't actually sad, just a fleeting expression that crossed her face. Reminds me of this one.)

And then a couple from Halloween. It was very chilly, so we layered sweats under their costumes. Kind of spoils the effect for Kaylee's, especially since she was in too much of a hurry to get out and go get candy to bother with letting me put the ribbon in her hair. LOL

For those who have asked to see pics of our new bed, I should clarify. Our old waterbed was a soft-sider, which uses a regular bed frame, so all we actually replaced was the mattress and foundation. We're still using the same bed frame, since our bedroom set it some of the very little nice furniture we actually own. But, it doesn't really warrant a picture being posted, since we've had it for years. lol

So that's all for the pics. Another post to follow shortly. :)


jane said…
how adorable are they!!!! brooke was going to be snow white too, we bought the costume...i took pictures, and then she decided she wanted to be a spooky witch, lol!!
love your photo shoot!
Francine said…
Gosh Kim, they are getting SO big. Kaylee really is changing fast. She is an adorable snowwhite :). Both of them look so great, love that last studio shot :)
karin said…
Kim, I cannot believe how *big* they look in those shots! Snowhite is lovely, as always, and Matthew's costume is terrific!