What a day.

Things were not off to a good start this morning. Somehow I managed to snooze my alarm clock for an entire hour… while having some bizarre dream about how I had submitted something online using random keystrokes as a test and then ended up having that name show up on the actual ticket (airline? not sure), but it was ok, because somehow that name was on a sticker on the inside of my ring, so I was able to use that as identification. So anyway, I didn't wake up until Mark's alarm started going off... 10 minutes after I was supposed to have gotten Matthew up. So I hustled like crazy to get him and me dressed and ready, booting up my pc in the mean time so that I could check the weather. Well, attempting to boot the pc, since it didn't actually want to boot. On about the fifth or sixth try, I had it use the last known good settings and it came up just fine, and I haven't noticed anything different, so I have no idea what the problem was, which is very frustrating.

Anyway, we got Matthew off to school fine, Kaylee off to school fine, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Mark, and then came home and collapsed on the bed and watched some of my soaps on TiVo until it was time to go pick up Kaylee. I got ¾ of the way to her school (which is about 8 miles from our house) when I realized, that since I hadn't been on my computer to see the glaring Outlook reminder pop up, I'd forgotten the library books, which were due today and could not be renewed again. And the library is only a few blocks from the school. At 25¢ per book per day with 21 books checked out, that adds up to a sizeable fine pretty quickly. So I got Kaylee, we came back home and rounded up the books, ate a quick lunch, then headed back across town to the library. What an inefficient use of time and gas.

I think I used up all my luck on parking spaces last night, easily cruising into spots right up front at both my TOPS meeting (in spite of another huge function at the church which had people parking on the street, in the grass, etc.) and again at Wal-Mart afterwards to do my shopping. I think I would have traded at least the Wal-Mart spot to have had today go more smoothly. I'm still up and down from the allergies/cold/whatever, and right now I'm really, really tired, and really, really hoping the rest of the day goes better.

I did manage to finish another prize yesterday for the next week of Melinda's Favorite Things mini-album project. The Suede Shapes are up for this week's prize, and next week's will be this one:

All the stems, leaves, petals, and buttons are separate pieces, so people can put them together however they want, and I even slightly frayed the ends on the ricrac and ribbon. I thought it turned out cute, and I had fun playing with it to put the different examples together, so hopefully people will like it. :)


Melinda said…
I've had the really wierd vivid dreams while the alarm clock is blaring in your ear for an hour thing happen to me before! and I've done the forgot the library books so had to drive all the way home and back again thing before too. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed ;) I hope the last few days have gone a bit better!
karin said…
I could absolutely relate to the alarm clock snaffu. that's never a good start to a day .... and the library books. Ugh, hate that!

Bu the kit is wonderful, and I love the colors!

hope the days get better .... :D
Tania said…
What a totally crazy morning!! I can totally relate, I've had weird mornings like that too!

Can I say those flowers are just fantastic!!! Super wowzers!!