Checking in!

Oh, my.  Getting sick during the holiday season just throws everything waaaaaaaaaaaay off.  We are basically all better now.  I went and got some antibiotics a couple of days after that lost post and it helped somewhat, but it's really only been the past few days that I haven't felt "sick".  I still have just a bit of an annoying tickle in my throat, but that's about it.

The guest magicican was very cool.  A guy by the name of Richard Turner, who is one of the top card magicians… and just happens to be almost totally blind.  He was super nice, wonderfully interesting to talk to, and amazing to watch perform.  You can  read a bit more about him here.

Mark's mom was here for a visit the last several days, and just headed out this morning.  My folks will be arriving Thursday  night for an extended visit.  Our guest room is getting a lot of use! LOL

We're plugging away at getting stuff ready for Christmas.  The decorating will be somewhat abbreviated this year, with the tree and mantle being the extent of it.  We've got the shopping roughly half done and nothing at all wrapped yet.  Haven't started our personal cards yet, so they're obviously going to be quite late.  And Mark's birthday is tomorrow, and so far to get ready for that I've done… absolutely nothing.

So anyway, I'm probably still going to be scarce until after the holidays.  My apoligies to my fellow bloggers, since I think it's been weeks since I read anything.  

That's it for now.  Off to do some laundry and figure out something for Kaylee to wear for her Nursery Rhyme party at school tomorrow.  She wants to be Little Miss Muffet.  Not sure exactly what that looks like, but I guess we'll improvise something. :-)

Happy Holidays! :-)


Melinda said…
I'm glad you are finally feeling better! I hope you can get everything done you decide is 'necessary'!
I haven't done my cards yet and I don't have the excuse of having been sick ;) just a procrastinator when it comes to writing that letter LOL
Robin said…
Glad you are feeling better Kim! Hope you get all caught up soon and can enjoy the holidays!
Meredith said…
So glad that you are feeling better! :) I am curious what you found for Kaylee to wear to her party! You'll have to post a layout/photos. I know all about last minute preparations... and I don't even have the sick excuse this year. :) Good luck getting everything finished!
Natalie said…
Hey Kim! Glad to see you back for a bit (like I have room to talk, right?)! I hear you on the busy thing; I love this time of year, but man, it is just so busy! And I don't have a myriad parties and such to attend, either - just the normal stuff. I hope you're able to employ a bit of magic yourself and get it all done on time. As for the cards, all I'm saying is, "Yeah, me, too." :)

Have a happy Christmas; see you next weekish. :)