Ice Ice Baby

Sorry, that song just popped into my head as I was getting ready to write this, and I figured if I was going to have it stuck in my head, you might as well too. :-b

So, yep, the ice came back - freezing rain and snow came out of nowhere this morning. It hadn't been predicted. I heard the rain on the roof when I got up this morning, and I knew we were still below freezing, so I checked the school district website. This was at about 6:10am. Nothing. So I got the kids up and got them ready for school. We happened to have a few minutes to spare before I had to take Matthew out to the bus, so on a whim, I went over to my computer and refreshed the page, which was still up on my screen. Surprise, surprise -- "schools are closed today due to inclement weather. All classes and activities are canceled."

The notice had been posted at 6:20. Normally they make these sorts of decisions at around 4am, but today they just weren't prepared, and the weather hit too late. I'm so glad I checked before we went outside and froze our patooties off waiting who knows how long for a bus that would have never come! It would have been nice to know before I dragged the kids out of bed though. lol

Mark got up and started checking for an announcement for his office, but there wasn't one. So he got ready and headed in. He got only a few blocks from here when he got a call from his boss saying how bad the roads were. So they decided to cancel today's session of the class Mark is teaching this week, and he turned around and came home.

We ended up spending the day hanging out, working on a homework project of Matthew's, and moving a big chunk of the boxes that were in Kaylee's closet into Mark's, boxing up quite a bit of loose stuff in the process. I was completely wiped out after that.

Oh, I did finally pull my new DSLR out of the box and start getting it figured out this morning. And I took a bunch of pictures of Kaylee in a rather elaborate outfit she had on that for some reason reminded me of a cross between a 1980's Cyndi Lauper and Princess Caribou (old Phoebe Cates movie that I can't find a decent picture from to show you what I mean). But I took the pictures with my old camera, since we only have one 16 MB card for the new cameras so far. Oops. LOL It's late and I haven't even downloaded the pics from the camera yet, but hopefully I'll have time to do that tomorrow and maybe even get some posted. Maybe. :)

And hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, because I am SO not ready for Matthew's birthday yet, and I need to get to the store!


Gina said…
They were saying it was supposed to warm into the 40s here - didn't happen. "But maybe tomorrow" Yeah...riiiight! It's not supposed to be this cold down here! And we're further north than you are! Can you believe we didn't get any of that? Stay warm and safe!!

Can't wait to see photos with the new camera. I ::heart:: my DSLR. Hope you love yours as well!
karin said…
Kim - I cannot believe the freeze you guys are in! That's New England weather, and we have NONE of it. But they are saying that we're getting some tonight, soooooo ...... anway, great job on the closets, and awesome reorganizing energy! :)

I love the description of Kaylee's outfit ... can't wait to see it. I will add another vote for the DSLR. LOVE mine! Gotta learn more about it though! :)
Krista said…
Oh...I want a DSLR so bad! I'm hoping my constant reminders of how much I want it will convince the hubby it's a worthy purchase. We'll see! LOL

Sorry to hear about the ice. That stuff is rotten.
Natalie said…
Ice...what a concept. I think we got down to a "chilly" mid-60s for the high one day. ;) Hope you're thawed out by now!