Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kaylee's new favorite outfit

Kaylee just loves clothes, and had gotten a few outfits for Christmas. One didn't fit, so we stopped by Target on Thursday and returned it and picked her out something new to replace it. She's really hard to fit. She can still wear some large toddler clothes, but is tall enough to wear small girls' clothes. However, many of the jeans and such are cut too narrow for her, and she can't do zippers and buttons yet, so she needs stuff she can pull on and off. Anyway, we settled on this. (It's not quite as "pink" as it looks in the pics; it's more of a deep dusty rose.)

And this to go under it... (it's sparkly)

And just a sweet final pic...

The other night after her bath she was running around in it with her hair all messy saying she was a rock star. Too funny. She's worn this more or less non-stop since we got it. I may have to sneak it into the wash tonight in case she wants to wear it again tomorrow. LOL

Oh, I also caved and let her get her first play makeup while we were there too. You probably can't tell in these pics, but she's wearing blush and purple eyeshadow. Sigh. What's next? LOL


Priscilla said...

LOL, little girls are so funny with their clothing aren't they.
And I have to say that Kaylee certainly applied her makeup well, its not the clown face style that Abby did with her first application of makeup lol!

Natalie said...

Kim, it's a great little outfit (and I *so* LOL that you wrote "(it's sparkly)" about the shirt! I thought I noticed the makeup but she did a fine job of not making it too conspicuous. ;)

Francine said...

She sure is growing fast - my goodness! She's gorgeous!

my2boys said...

love allll the pics of the kiddos...and Kaylee sure has her own style! I love it. And happy bday to Matthew. they are growing so fast.