Little change of plans

So we were supposed to have another guest magician coming in tomorrow, but the lecture got cancelled. There's this nasty ice storm moving across Texas, and the lecturer got iced in at home. (He's in Abilene, west of here.) We haven't gotten the ice yet, but had a ton of as-cold-as-it-can-get-without-actually-freezing rain today. Now they're saying the ice will hit tomorrow. We'll see. At least if it does, there's no school on Monday anyway (Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday), so we don't have to deal with wondering if they will cancel.

We've been working on a major closet reorg over the last few weeks. My closet (the bigger one) was first. We donated a ton of stuff, including about half of my entire wardrobe, accumulated over the last 20 years, and threw out a bunch more. Then we, or actually I, moved all Mark's clothes from his closet into there. Today we threw out three more very full 13-gallon bags from Mark's closet. I think that brings the total now up to, oh, I don't know, about a million pounds of stuff we've gotten rid of. LOL Who knew closets could hold so much stuff! The end goal is to get a big chunk of Mark's stored stuff out of Kaylee's closet, so that we can actually put some of her stuff in it. Novel concept - her actually being able to use her own closet. :-p

I think there was something else I wanted to write about, but a very sniffly Kaylee woke up and interrupted me about five times while I was writing this, and I can't remember what it was, so I guess I'll just say goodnight, and I hope everyone keeps warm and dry and safe!


Robin said…
Can't believe the weather you're having out there! Crazy! You need to share your closet reorg tips with me since I'm trying to organize everything right now!