ScrapDish Storewide Sale!

So much to write about, and so little time to write it! Hopefully, I'll find time for a real post tomorrow, but for right now I'll have to settle for a little blatant self-promotion. LOL

Click on the image to be taken to my store. :)


Tania said…
Great Sale Kim!! I think I'll take a look, and see what I don't have yet.
karin said…
fabulous kits, as always .... love that you collected them all, and placed them together .... you are so versatile Kim! :O)

Okay, the pix of the kids are terrific ... I think Matthew is the cutest little guy, and he just oozes 8~! I love that final one, with him looking right at you .... just great!

Kaylee's outfit is fab, and I can completely understand why she loves to wear it! And the Princess outfit is so fitting for the princess that she is! SUCH creativity! Isn't it funny????

love the posts .... keep 'em coming!

How's the ice?

it's 20 degrees here .... brrrrrrrr
Thanks for commenting in my DST gallery! Keep up the good work in designing, I love your stuff.. it's awesome!