Well, we got ice...

So last night I was awakened at 2:30am by this strange noise coming from the attic... a loud sort of humming, thumping, cyclic sort of thing. The first thing that entered my mind was that one of the furnaces was going out. We've had to replace the main one twice already, but the secondary one that sits above the bedrooms is still the original unit from when we built the house 12 years ago, and it's a cheapo one at that. So I got out of bed and crept around to try to figure out exactly what the sound was. Crud. Definitely coming from the attic.

So, since I know nothing about our furnaces, I very reluctantly went back to wake up Mark. He'd come down with a cold of some sort and had spent all day being a very miserable couch potato and had to get up early to go into work today, so that was something I really didn't want to do. He got up (with only one minimal complaint) and got dressed (did I mention it's freeeeezing here now?) and went up to check it out.

Turns out it wasn't the furnace. Whew! It was actually one of the roof vent wind turbines making the noise. It apparently had iced over and/or gotten something caught in it. Nothing we could do about the noise at that point. Sigh. So I lay in bed, listening to that thing grind away, getting louder and faster as the wind picked up, then dying back down, only to start right back up again. Only after the noise finally stopped an hour or so later, was I able to get back to sleep. Fortunately, Mark didn't have quite as hard of a time getting back to sleep, and the kids slept right through it all.

It's still very cold (26°F at the moment), and the kids are back in school tomorrow. Hopefully the roads will be clear! And since it is a school night, I should get to bed! G'night!


Gina said…
Have you guys thawed out yet? :) I can't believe that you got ice and we didn't! It is really, really cold here, though.
my2boys said…
brrrrrrrrrrrrr.....brrrrrrrrrr.....it is cold here, but not thattttt cold. I think it is bad when our gutters freeze and my soda gets slushy, lol.

hope mark feels better and you get some sleep.