Catching up

Where do the days go? It's all a big blur.

Kaylee is mostly better. Just a bit sniffly and the occasional cough. We've been giving her Claratin, which seems to help.

The magician did arrive as scheduled this time. He was a bit of an odd duck as far as lecturing magicians go - just didn't seem to fit the personality, much more "nervous". But he was nice enough, and the lecture went fine.

Matthew had his annual check-up on Tuesday. Everything's fine.

I tried to do some designing the last couple of weeks but nothing came out the way I envisioned, and the one thing that was turning out kind of cool would have taken me a full week per element.

So I took a break from designing and have been working on cataloging my downloaded kits and such, so that maybe I can actually get some use out of them. I've made a small dent. Picked up a few more things while I was at it - about half of IOD's stuff at Scrap Artist on their retirement sale, and Meredith Fenwick and Kim Christensen's His & Her Collections (also being retired). The retired kit thing breaks my "no spending" resolve every time. :b Also got Katie Pertiet's Curled Journal Spots 3, which were on sale for 25¢. Can't beat that price.

We had some beautiful weather last week, so Kaylee and I hit the park a few times. Kaylee likes to rub it in Matthew's face when he gets home from school that we went without him. Sigh.

Matthew went on his first ever sleepover Friday night to a friend's house from his class. Matthew was over the moon excited and was ready to go with his jacket and backpack on for an hour before they arrived to pick him up. They did the pizza and video games thing, and then Saturday morning they went on a 5K fun run. We haven't done that sort of thing, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but got the impression from what the kid's parents said that they would all stay together. From Matthew's version of events, he and his friend got lost and had to ask directions to get back to the course, and the friend's mom was nowhere around. If his version is accurate (possibly she was watching them, since she was behind them), that's so not cool. Regardless, we will not be letting him do anything like that without us again. Matthew didn't like the race part anyway, so I don't think that will be too much of an issue.

The weather turned nasty again this weekend. A little rain, and tons of incredibly strong wind. It blew open our shed and blew a picket off our fence – not that it would take too terribly much since the fence is not in very good shape, but still. You could just hear it howling all day yesterday. It seems to have died back down today though.

Guess that's it for now. Have been staying up way too late. Off to bed now. G'night!


Melinda said…
you enabler!! I had seen the IOD retirement announcement, but hadn't gone to look yet. I spent some more money.... that's OK, I searched all of my HDs looking for the perfect stuff to use with my dad's baby pics last night and didn't have any papers I loved to go with them, now I do and a few more besides too ;P We have to snatch them up while we can, right? right!

Glad Kaylee's feeling better now.
Tania said…
Glad everyone is feeling better! Sounds like you are busy as usual. Hope you get that design bug back!!
Francine said…
OMG, I really hope he just *thinks* he was lost, and she was actually watching him. That sort of stuff scares the heck out me.

Glad K is feeling better!
karin said…
glad that Kaylee is feeling better ... and you and she have gotten to get to the park alone ... isn't it funny how they find a way to get under the skin of the other? ;o)

and oh my gosh, I so hope his version of that race thing is the WRONG version .... *shudder* at that thought, huh?

glad he's safe, though!
AmyK said…
Kim, how have you been??? You haven't blogged in 2 weeks, hon! I hope everyone is happy and healthy in your neck of the woods. :)