Weekend stuff

Kaylee is sick. Not horribly sick, just your average kid cold-with-fever sort of thing. She woke up with a cough on Wednesday and didn't eat her breakfast that morning – very unlike her. When I picked her up from school and asked her how her Valentine's Day party was, which she had been totally looking forward to for two weeks, she responded that it was boring and she had just wanted to go to sleep. Normally, she's begging me to go places after school, but she just wanted to "go home and rest". Then when we got home, she started crying saying it was too bright in there. She was finally satisfied when I closed all the blinds, turned off all the lights, and had her put on her sunglasses. And it was an overcast day to begin with. She then cuddled up on the couch and zonked out. When she finally let me take her temp that night, she had a fever. Not sure exactly how high, since I couldn't find our "good" thermometer. So she stayed home yesterday and today. She's perked up considerably, but is still running a low grade fever and is barking like a seal. Poor kiddo. Seems like she's sick every time I turn around. The joys of being in school. We went through this with Matthew at a much younger age. Hopefully, she won't have too tough of a time with it next year.

The magician who was supposed to come last weekend ended up postponing until this weekend (car trouble). So then he was supposed to arrive today, go to a magic collectors' meeting tonight with Mark, a magic auction tomorrow, and then do the lecture on Sunday. He was supposed to be here at 4:30 this afternoon. At 5:00, Mark called to see how close he was. Apparently the guy was tired from the tour and had decided to rest up where he was instead of driving down today. Fine, but, uhm, heard of a phone? Oh, well. He's now (supposedly) coming down tomorrow evening. I knocked myself out getting the house ready today. At least that's all done. Hopefully I can keep the kids from destroying it tomorrow.

The RAKScraps newsletter came out tonight, as well as the first pieces of the mega kit. This month the admin add-on proceeds, instead of going to RAKScraps, are going to benefit the National Arthritis Foundation. The kit is beautiful, as always. Pick it up and help contribute to a very worthy cause while getting some great new goodies to scrap with.


I finally got forced to go to the new Blogger tonight. My blog template is slightly wonky now. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it fixed up without too much trouble, but I don't know if I'm up to looking at it tonight. Have a great weekend!


karin said…
oh, dear. poor baby! glad she's feeling better, and at least perking up a bit. sounds like she had a bit of light sensitivity going on, right? poor baby ... and poor you.

as far as the magician and not calling, that's odd. hope he shows up today .... and love the kit. really cute stuff.

have a great weekend .....
AmyK said…
I hope you are all feeling better now! Did you have a good weekend? It seems like everyone is getting super sick this year... hope Kaylee gets completely over it very soon!
Tania said…
Hope Kaylee is feeling better! I've been a bad blogger lately, sorry! Hope you are good!