Thursday, April 26, 2007

New products! Acid Wash Extreme Fringe

Wow, so busy. Bad blogger. *sigh* Well, one of the things that's been keeping me so busy is my latest product... Acid Wash Extreme Fringe - two sets!

Click on the images to go see them in the store. They're on sale through April 30!

I'm still really swamped with other stuff, including Kaylee's birthday and another guest magician coming up this weekend, but I promise I'll work in time for a real post soon! (Ok, maybe I shouldn't promise, so I'll just say that I'll really, really try! LOL)


Natalie said...

LOVE these, Kim! LOVE, LOVE 'EM! You're fabulous! You really need to be promoting these at DST! Hmmm...if Karen hasn't put up a post there, maybe I should. Or maybe I'll just PM her to do it, because she's good and knows lots of peeps. ;)

karin said...

wow! WAY cool kits, Kim! I understand the busy thing .... some periods of time seem to just get sucked into the abyss, don't they?? Will be glad to see you when you're back!

Francine said...

Those are VERY cool! Glad to see you pop in :-)

Jan said...

Gotta love these! I had so much fun playing with them. :) I put the layout on my blog.