Mundane days

Storming!!! Ugh. It's been raining off and on, mostly on, for days. Right now a major storm has moved in. The sky got so black, I would have sworn it was 9:30 p.m. instead of a.m.! Right now it's a bit lighter (partly from all the lightning LOL), but the screens are so wet, that I can't see outside. Hopefully, we won't get the hail and high winds they're saying this thing is capable of. Things just finally have gotten mostly cleaned up from the last big storm!

Not too much going around here lately. We're letting the kids have a lazy lounge around week (which has gone well with the weather! LOL). Mark borrowed a carpet cleaner from a guy at work, and our carpets are in seriously bad shape, so we've been giving it quite a workout. We have a ton of stuff everywhere, so it's not easy to clear the space, even just the center traffic areas. We did Mark's office first, and then the family room. That is where about half the kids' toys are stored, so some got shoved into their rooms, and a LOT is stacked in the garage. We moved the couches into the breakfast area, which means we had to move the table into our galley kitchen. Supper that night was a tight squeeze, and we kept having to shove the table from one side of the room to the other to be able to get to the stove, open the drawers or dishwasher, etc. Fun, fun, fun. Fortunately, it was dry enough by morning to move the furniture back.

Mark is loving the less cluttered look so much though, that he wants to get it so that all the kids toys are stored in their rooms, even if they still bring them out here to play. That's going to require some serious purging and reorganizing. Hopefully, it won't be too traumatic for the kids, or for Mark. We did a major sort of the toys about a year and a half ago I think. I was ready to get rid of stuff then, but Mark just wanted to "organize" it. Um, yeah. That didn't really help so much. They've just got waaaaaaaay too much stuff. I think we're a family of packrats. My hoarding these days is mostly just digital files though, so it's harder to see! ;)

Anyway, back to the carpet cleaning. We ran out of the soap stuff over the weekend, so Mark picked up more yesterday, as well as some upholstery cleaner for our embarrassingly dirty 17-year-old "bone" colored couches. I started in on a few of the cushions yesterday and got them from truly awful to just sorta bad, which is probably as good as they're going to get. I only did one side of 3 of the 5 cushions, and it took me about an hour and a half. And my hands still hurt from gripping the thing to scrub. I did the absolute worst ones yesterday, so I figure I've got about another 3 hours or so to finish those up, and then the worst parts on the couches themselves are probably another hour or two. And then we still need to do the section of the carpet we didn't get to because of running out of soap. Mark's going to check with the guy to see if we can keep it through this weekend as well, but we've got a guest magician coming in Sunday, so there's other cleaning to be done as well, and everything needs to be dry by then. Sigh.

Alrighty, we've got a charity pickup tomorrow, and the kids have a mountain of too small clothes I need to sort through, and Matthew just reminded me that the kids haven't had breakfast yet, so I'd better go! :)


Natalie said…
LOL, Kim, I *so* get you and your posts like this! I'm sure we've done more "damage" to this house in the last almost-three months, than it has probably experienced in the previous ten years.

Wish we had a bit of stormy weather; I'm sure it hasn't rained here in well over a month. Hope you stayed safe!
Francine said…
Aaaaaah - I know I'm odd, but man, I love me a good clean-out. I'd come over to help if I were closer :-)
karin said…
Kim, it has literally been ages since I was here in BlogSpot period, but also on the blogs in general .. so sorry for the gap!

First, love the carpet and upholstery cleaning story .. hmmm love to get things CLEAN! :) the re-organizing, and decluttering is a constant battle here with my packrat husband, and his anal-annie wife. ;) so, I understand the needs that are there ... have fun, sometimes the kids surprise you with thier ideas of 'removal'.

Now, about your birthday and mother's day photos and stories ... adorable! I love your hair, by the way - the color, and the way it falls on your shoulders is so pretty!

I'll try and stay more caught up now that I am back home (but not quite 'normal' yet) so see you soon! :)
Tania said…
Okay, that steam cleaning sounded like WAY too much work for me, LOL! Hope the weather is better for you lately!