Dont faint -- I scrapped!!!

I had started a "test layout" as I was working on Shameless, to check scale and things like that. The pic is actually where I got the colors. :) I figured since the layout was half done, I might as well finish it. LOL

(Click on the image to see it bigger.)

Journaling: Kaylee, May 24, 2007. The last day of school. Waiting for Matthew's bus. Waiting for the day, all too soon, when you will finally ride the bus with him. Waiting for the day you'll go off to kindergarten, and leave me rattling around this house, enveloped in silence. Waiting... waiting... waiting. Please wait... just a little longer.

Credits: Shameless Collection by Kim Jensen @ ScrapDish
stitching by Shabby Princess
Font: LD Remington Portable

As I was scrapping this, I realized that this was the last time, under regular circumstances, that Kaylee and I would hang out, waiting for her big brother to get home from school. I'm looking forward to having large blocks of uninterrupted time to get stuff done around here, but I have a feeling I'm not going to know what to do with myself, and it's definitely going to seem strange.

In non-scrapping news, an electrician friend of Mark's came over yesterday to help us out with some projects around here. He'd planned to come over first thing in the morning, but got called to work on an emergency job, so it ended up being early afternoon before he made it. He brought a couple of his guys with him. Mark had planned to help with the labor, but I guess he thought qualified help was needed. LOL

Anyway, they adjusted a light fixture over the fireplace that wouldn't angle correctly, installed a ceiling fan in the guest room, a light in our little mini-hallway where our coat closet/hooks are, and a light in Matthew's closet. The lights make such a huge difference! Matthew's closet looks twice the size, and you can actually see in there. Of course, now we have to load everything back in there, since it's all piled on his bottom bunk right now. :-b We did do a little sorting as we were emptying the closet, pulled out some stuff to go in the attic and a little bit to go to charity. There were even still a couple of boxes of old memorabilia and such up on the shelf in there that had been there since about when we moved into the house -- in 1995! LOL They're now sitting in my closet until I have a chance to sort through them.

What we thought should have been the easiest job for the electricians, rerouting our internet cable, turned out to be the most difficult. Plan A was to use the speaker wire we ran in the wall as a guide to drop my LAN connection in that same wall. Well, the speaker wire was hooked on something and wouldn't pull all the way up. So plan B was to drop the cable in the adjacent column. Well, apparently, that spot in the attic is such a tight squeeze that it was darn near impossible to get back there and there was no way to get a drill in there. So they ended up taking down this wall clock we had hanging on the column, making a small hole in the wall that will be covered by the clock, and sticking a really long flexible drill bit up through it. After they did that, they couldn't even find where the bit had come through in the attic. They ended up having to have one person downstairs banging the bit against the roof while the other one followed the noise. Then the electrician had to lay on his belly in the attic with all that nasty insulation and reach out and tie a string through the drill bit (at arms length) to use to pull the cable down! Crazy!

Since they got started late, they ended up not being able to finish due to the heat (that attic is an OVEN in the afternoon) and the fact that the crew had to leave to go pack, since they're moving out of their apartment today. So we have two holes in the wall in Mark's office, waiting for that end of the cables, and I have the end of the cable by my desk hanging out of the wall until they can come back. LOL Hopefully, next time will be much easier! Thank goodness I had my wireless connection to fall back on! The reason we went to a hard-wired connection in the first place (which has just been draped around the room near the ceiling for the last couple of years) is that the wireless connection was so flakey and unreliable. It seems to be cooperating so far this time though. (knock on wood)

Anyway, Mark cooked up a nice steak dinner, and his friend hung around and talked magic for a few hours after that. I still can't believe he's doing all this work for us for just material cost! (And of course, Mark is cutting him whatever deals he can on magic.) What a generous guy!!


karin said…
oh, kim, i got a little teary at the journaling on your page ... i'm feeling a little blue about my babe heading to 2nd grade. SECOND grade. {sigh} it is such a journey ....

your electric work sounds busy, and complicated, and exhausting for the crew. but the treat of a discount makes it all worth it! best of luck with it!
Natalie said…
What a pretty page, Kim! The journaling is a bit sobering; I have a hard time believing Molly's done with kindergarten, and I am utterly convinced that Bridget is eons away from being in school (LOL, with our current plan to HS, maybe I'm right?!).

That's a really pretty kit; I love the black!
daNi aLeNCar said…
Love this layout... Nice bright colors, love the picture and your journaling?! WOW... so heartmelting...