New product - Date Beads! New mailing list!

What? Another new product from me already?! Less that 3 weeks after the previous release? It's a new speed record! LOL Anyway, here it it - just a cute little (ok, at 853 pieces I don't know if you can call it little) set of beads and such for putting the date and/or occasion on your layouts! The date is one thing I absolutely must have on every one of my layouts, so I always love seeing creative ways to include it. :)

Click on the image to go to the store. On sale 30% off through Monday! :)

I also decided to start up my own little Yahoo group for sending out product announcements, special subscriber only coupons, sale notices, freebies whenever I do happen to get to them, that sort of thing. Right now the member list consists of me and, um, let's see... me. So go run over and join so I won't be so lonely! :)

In non-scrapping news, Mark's friend came over on Sunday and finished rerouting our internet cabling. Of course, nothing can ever be easy. It turned out that the column we were dropping my cable in had another horizontal blockage, so they had to drill another hole in the side of it to get the drill bit up through it. And then it turned out that the area where we had planned to drop the cable at the other end was completely inaccessible in the attic, so we had to go to plan B, which turned out not too bad, but they had already cut out the holes in the drywall for the boxes at the plan A location, so now we have two blank plates on the wall there, as well as one on the column by my desk. None of them are very noticeable, but it's just too funny that what was supposed to be a simple job ended up creating so much havoc. So next time I drive through the wall, we can just add a few little drywall patches to the repair job, and get rid of those blank plates. ;)

Only three more weeks 'til school starts back up, and our calendar has so much stuff scribbled all over it that I have a feeling the rest of this month is going to fly!


Mish said…
Kim I absolutely LOVE those date beads. Awesome!!! I am running to grab them now. :-)
Those date beads are rockin'!! Love them - may have to break down and buy something... tee hee.

Signed up for the Kim mailing list too, just in case I didn't get enough "KIM" fix some days!
daNi aLeNCar said…
I totally love this product of yours... I'm addicted to dates on los also and love to find creative ways of doing it... I think I'll use it on every lo now... LOL
karin said…
those are adorable date beads!!
I know you are busy, but I tagged you! :)
Correen said…
Kim, have I told you how much these things ROCK?? Totally cool.

PS -- check out my blog ;).