FPD Round 2 Freebie! Kaylee's first lost tooth!

I made it through to Round 2 of the FPD Teacher's Pet Challenge! Thanks so much to everyone who commented about my round 1 entry. The new assignments are again up for download in the gallery! No password needed this time, but you still need to be registered to see them. The assignment this time was an element pack using extracted items.

Here's mine:

Click on the image to go get it! Entries will only be up until 9am Eastern on Monday, the 11th.


Last Thursday night (July 31) Kaylee lost her first tooth! She'd been wiggling it and wiggling it (which we are strongly encouraging to try to avoid the issues her big brother had LOL) and it was just barely hanging on. It came out while she was brushing her teeth while getting ready for bed, and from looking at this picture, it seems we should have made her go back and finish brushing. LOL

I took lots of pics trying to get a good one that showed the gap, since there's only one "first lost tooth", to which Mark responded that we could glue it back in so she could lose it again. That resulted in this face:

And here she is the next morning showing off the 6 quarters she got from the tooth fairy.


I went for an eye exam yesterday. I'm getting new glasses, since apparently my vision has gotten a bit better (I'm VERY nearsighted), so my current lenses are now over correcting. I was going to pick out some hip stylish new frames, but because of the size of my ginormous head and the fact that I need a larger lens to be able to read, the new frames I ended up choosing look almost exactly the same as the old ones. LOL I did splurge on the top of the line high index plastic for the lenses though. I tried on a sample pair, and it was so sharp and clear, even though it wasn't my exact prescription! I'm excited to be able to see that clearly again, so I hope I'm not disappointed and the extra money is worth it!


Matthew hurt his foot in karate on Tuesday. I never ever just drop him off at his classes. I always sit and watch, even if I'm the only parent there. LOL Well, Tuesday I wasn't feeling well, so I gave him the option of being dropped off or skipping class. I went to pick him up at the end of class and found him sitting on the bleachers in tears with an ice pack on his foot. (I felt terrible!) Apparently, during sparring he and his partner had kicked at the same time, and Matthew got the worst of it, even though he had his gear on. He's still limping a bit, aggravated I'm sure by the fact that Mark agreed to let him go on a spontaneous trip to a bounce house place with a friend while I was out yesterday. :-b If it's not better by Monday, we're going to take him to the doctor, but it has seemed to be improving overall, so hopefully it's just a bruise or strain that will heal on its own.


Guess that's it for now! (I haven't asked Mark if I can share his news yet.) Have a great weekend!! :)


Dorsey said…
Congrats to Kaley on the tooth loss!! hope you both are feeling better these days...