Scrappity Stuff!

Ok, as promised, I'm back today with the scrappity part! First up, my Rich Autumn is on for the ScrapDish Friday Specials for just a buck! So I decided to put the coordinating Rich Christmas and Rich Collection on sale too! At Ridiculous prices! LOL


I did another layout! I'm now CT-ing (is that a word?) for the fabalicious Tracy Blankenship! Woo hoo!!!! She sells at ScrapDish and Funky Playground and is just one of the sweetest, most fun people on the planet! She's got a bunch of new product up at SD today on SALE! And she also has her awesome templates on SALE today at FPD too I see! Run! Buy now! They are so fun!

Here's a layout I did with her Magic of Childhood Templates.

Journaling: Kaylee, I love your beautiful, sweet smile. What a wonderful, caring young girl you are, always wanting to give little gifts to everyone and cheer up anyone who is sad. I am so proud to be your mom.

Template - Tracy Blankenship (Templates w/ Attitude-Magic of Childhood Edition)
Papers and dotted ribbon - ScrapDish Designers August 2008 Collab
Alpha - Nancie Rowe Janitz (Jumbo Acrylic Alpha)
Stitching - Tracy Blankenship (Stitched Basics Element Pack)
Doodle border - Tracy Blankenship (Borderlines-element pack)
Flourishes - Sasha Jane (Doodle Brushes)
Jewelry Tag - Jessica Bolton (Teeny-Tiny Torn Tags)
fonts - Angelina, Dirty Ego


I think there was more scrappiness I wanted to post about, but my lunch is beeping at me, and I need to go scarf it down before it gets cold. And the kids will be home in an hour and a half! Wow, I need to work on my time management skills, or it's going to be summer break again before I know it and I won't have accomplished a darn thing! LOL


karin said…
YAY! Imagine my surpise when I clicked on your blog today to find a post - well, SEVERAL posts! I clearly had stopped clicking a while back .... SO good to see you, kids look great and the activity looks like fun! your scrapping things, and designs things look wonderful too!

I'm thrilled to see you here .... I'll be checking more often ! :)
Dorsey said…
Hey Kim! Just so you know, I'm appreciating your blog SOO much more these days! DigiScrappin' is fun, but with so many ideas running through my head, its hard to sort them all out. HA!

BTW, I nominated you for an award: