Flying on the Merry-Go-Round

Just popping in with another layout! :) I did this one with Kristmess' Al D'ant'e Page Kit. It's got loads of fun picnic and grilling themed items, but I just loved the tree and the sunny sky paper, and thought they'd be perfect with this pic of Kaylee from her great-grandfather's birthday picnic this summer. She's such a spinny girl (just like me when I was a kid), so she loved the merry-go-round. :)

Poor kiddo is running a fever right now. It started yesterday afternoon, and spiked up during the night when her ibuprofen wore off. It's quite a bit lower so far today, so fingers crossed that it's just a 24-hour thing, and that Matthew doesn't get it! The kids have their "meet the teacher" on Friday and start back to school on Monday. I'd hate for this to drag out into something that made them miss any of it!


Melinda said…
I hope Kaylee is feeling better today and no one else gets sick!