October Storm

I can't believe it's October already. September flew past in the blink of an eye. Our month started out with one heck of a storm.

Journaling: A ferocious storm moved in very suddenly just as Matthew’s karate class was ending. There was lots of thunder and lightning, and the rain was coming down in great white sheets. We waited out the worst of it inside the building, then made it home just in time for Kaylee to spot a rainbow as she looked out our back windows. 10/1/09

All papers and elements by Red Leaf DigiScrapping at ScrapDish -
Papers: Fun Times Paper Pack
Alpha: Dress Me Up Alphabets - Oversized Chipboard
Stitches: In Stitches
Frame: Sliced Up Photo Frames

Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

Other random happenings:
  • I took Matthew to pick out his Halloween costume yesterday. He is going to be Megatron from the Transformers. Granted, Kaylee and I had brought home a costume catalog for him to look through in advance, but it's amazing how much more painless it was for him to make his decision than it was for his sister.

  • We do the computer hand-me-down cycle here. Whenever I get a new machine, Mark gets my old one, and the kids then get his old one. The kids have been computerless for about a year and a half, since theirs had died and we were unable to get it fully working again. I finally got a new machine this past spring. I had a ton of files and applications to deal with getting transferred, and then Mark also had loads of files to sort through, so just yesterday we finally got around to getting his old one reformatted and set up for the kids. Thanks to an extra un-needed flat screen monitor from my mom & dad (thanks, Grandma Karyl & Grandpa Jim!) we were able to set the third pc up on our little kitchen desk much more easily than we had in the past with those ginormous CRT's. The kids are thrilled to have their own computer again, and I'm thrilled to not have to share with them as much anymore! LOL

  • Mark had some friends over for gaming today, and one of them brought along his newly adopted almost 13-year-old son so that he and Matthew could hang out together. I was worried that the age difference might be a problem (2½ years can be a lot at that age), but they had a great time playing video games. We relaxed the rules and let them play all afternoon/evening, while Kaylee played on the "new" computer. My head is still ringing with all the battle action and Hannah Montana music. I think you can guess which noises came from which activity. ;) Unfortunately for my poor head, my desk is right in the middle of it all. LOL


Melinda said…
I hear ya, sister! the noise levels are usually what get to me too. Sometimes I just can't stand listening to one more round of the music from the Wii games.