White Christmas!

We actually had a white Christmas!! I think it's the first time since Mark and I have lived here. We've only had actual snow accumulation a few times over those last 18 years, and it's usually in January or February. This time it started coming down on the afternoon of the 24th mixed with rain, and then it was all snow, but there was a wicked wind. At first the snow was all melting right away, but it kept up through the night, and by morning there was an inch or so on the ground.

So Christmas morning after gifts and breakfast, we went outside and let the kids play in it. It wasn't good packing snow, so about all they could do was pick it up and throw it... mostly at Mark; I was safe since I had the camera. LOL

Once again, I was more than a bit shutter-happy. Basically, I kept shooting until I filled the card. We were outside about 40 minutes, and took 329 pics. (Ok, a few of them are from when I slipped a bit on the snow and accidentally fired. LOL) I have lots of action shots (the kids were running around almost non-stop the entire time), but the main thing that made it hard for me to choose which to post was just how much fun they were having in all of them. :)

Excuse the slightly weird colors in some of these. There was bright sunlight, but the part of the yard we were in was mostly in shade, so I did a quick and dirty edit on some of the deeper shadows.

The snow starts flying...

Kaylee decided to make snow angels.

Matthew winds up to launch at an unsuspecting Mark.

Look at that snow fly!

After the snow angel thing, Mark teased Kaylee about having snow all over her butt. She decided to get even by deliberately sitting in the snow and then rubbing it off on Mark. This scene was repeated several times. Crazy girl's backside must have been completely frozen. LOL

Loading up with a good handful...

I think Kaylee was on the receiving end of a snowball to the back in this one. LOL

I love how Mark plays along with all the kids' antics. Here's a shot of him dramatically over-reacting to Kaylee's attack.

I shot this one from across the yard, but I believe Mark was daring her to throw it in his face. Yeah, sometimes it's like I have one extra really big kid. LOL

The snow was mostly all melted by early to mid-afternoon, but it was cool to be able to say we had a white Christmas. :)

That's it for tonight! We were out all afternoon/evening, and now the kids are in bed and Mark is over at a friends' house, so I think I'll grab the rare opportunity to snag some TiVo time! :D G'night! :)


Melinda said…
It looks like a fun time was had by all on Christmas day! how awesome that you got a white Christmas too since I know those are so rare :)

congrats on making Pamela's CT! I was tempted to apply since I love her designs, but decided I already had too much on my plate.
Robin said…
Looks like so much fun Kim! Love your photos! So glad you had a White Christmas - a little bit of snow is just about right!