Assisted Serene Popsicle Production Expressions in Disguise?

Playing ketchup… er, I mean catch up! My six latest layouts…

PixelWorks has a fun collab with Aja Abney called “Everyday Awesome”. This is such a versatile kit that could be used to scrap so many different things. Here are two layouts from me…

These photos may look familiar. :)

 Journaling: It never ceases to amaze me… the ways my kids will entertain themselves when they’re “bored”. Who knew that plastic hangers made good mustaches? Or horns? [Matthew 3-13-10]

Kit: Everyday Awesome by Aja Abney & PixelWorks at ScrapArtist.
Fonts: Acoustic Bass (Design 76 Type - Bradford Cox),
Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

And this one uses several more shots from Kaylee’s little acting demonstration.

 Journaling: Kaylee 4-14-10 – Our little drama queen shows her range for the camera.
Kit: Everyday Awesome by Aja Abney & PixelWorks at ScrapArtist. Font: Bradley Hand ITC.

Next up is one with Carola Mondini’s jam-packed kit “Monday” at ScrapDish using a few more shots from Kaylee’s little theater.

Journaling: "Kaylee decided to put on a series of three princess plays for Mark one afternoon over spring break. These photos were taken during the first one, entitled “Princess Runaway”. Her costume involved pinning a butterfly wall decoration (which my mom had made as part of Kaylee’s room decor) to the back of her shirt. Since I was otherwise occupied, I never caught the significance in relation to the story.
The second show was “The Princess Magician”, in which she wore the top half of her Jasmine costume with a pink satin skirt. And the final show was “Kung-Fu Princess”, in which she wore one of Matthew’s old karate uniform tops and a pink belt with a rhinestone butterfly buckle. This one may have been strongly influenced by the fact that we had watched “Kung-Fu Panda” the night before.
Unfortunately, I was a bad reporter and didn’t get any shots of those last two productions, and I have no idea what the plots of any of them were. I hope they don’t dock my pay. ;) 3-15-10"

Kit: Monday by Carola Mondini at ScrapDish (blue paper blended) Stitching: Essential Stitches #1 by Syrin. Fonts: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), Bradley Hand ITC

Back to PixelWorks… she has been on fire! The ScrapArtist May Artist-to-Artist products are out, and I’m in love with the happy colors! Again, everything is so versatile! PixelWorks has a bright whimsical element pack and coordinating papers that I used to put together these two very different layouts…

First is just a sweet shot of Kaylee one day after school…

 [4/23/10 Kaylee, almost 8]
- by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist -
Sunshine On My Shoulders
papers and elements. Alpha: Tiny Dymo Alpha.
Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

And then this vibrant popper I call “Popsicle in the Sun”. :)

 Journaling: "At the Miller Family Fun Fair. Upon arrival, we were immediately met by someone with a huge basket passing out free Icee push pops. You and Matthew dug through a bit and each chose one. You instantly had flavor remorse and pleaded with your brother to trade his Cherry for your Blue Raspberry. He finally agreed, and you both happily made sticky, drippy messes of yourselves while we checked out all the activity.

The sun was low and blindingly bright. I couldn’t see what I was shooting at all, or I would have gotten more of your face in this shot. But I still love the way it shows the sun on your cheeks and the wind in your hair... a wonderful representation of an easy, breezy evening, enjoying the music and the energy of the crowd as you slurped on your sweet treat. 5/7/10"

Credits: Sunshine On My Shoulders papers and elements by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist. button: Everyday Awesome by Aja Abney & PixelWorks at ScrapArtist. stitching by Micheline Martin. Font: Pea Anderson (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas)

And finally… PixelWorks had a really fun grab bag over iNSD, and now she’s started releasing the individual parts.  Out today are the first two… cool versatile neutrals! (Have I mentioned how versatile I think PixelWorks’ products are? I have? Ok, good, I’m glad I covered that! LOL)

This layout is really more about the shenanigans that Mark pulls than what is actually in the picture. ;)

 Journaling: This is what you get when you try to get the kids to pose for a nice sweet photo together (requested for a family project), and Dad comes up behind the photographer (Mom) and pretends he’s going to pour water on her head. Fun reaction shot, but not quite what we’re going for, and things go downhill from there. Tell me again, exactly how many children do I have? (And, no, I never got the shot I originally wanted.) ... [Wed., May 5, 2010. Just another day in the Jensen house.]

- All by PixelWorks at ScrapArtist -
Graphic Patterns 2. Arrows: Clear Directions. Crayon circle: Crayon Scribbles. Title alpha: Tiny Dymo Alpha. Title punctuation: Crayon Alpha.

Font: Pea Cari (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas).

AND… ScrapArtist is having their big 5th Birthday Sale right now!! Run over now to get PixelWorks’ fabulous products at an amazing 35% off!!!

Whew! That’s it for now! The kids have a half-day of school today, so I need to go take advantage of my remaining two hours of peace! LOL  Have a great day!! :D


Cass said…
Your title absolutely cracks me up Kim!! But the gorgeous eye-candy... you have such a fabulous graphic eye and use of repeating patterns/elements.
Francine said…
Love the 'serenity' lay out. Gosh Kim she's absolutely gorgeous!