Rubdown 3 Ways!

What?! More new stuff from me?! Craziness! :)

I've always loved the look of crayon rubbings... the imperfections of the uneven texture and the surprise of never knowing exactly how it would turn out. I went a little crazy rubbing almost every random object I could get my hands on to put together these 3 sets of fun and funky brushes/overlays! Rubdown {Eclectic}, {Alphabetic}, and {Geometric} are just perfect for adding a slightly grungy handmade touch to your layouts or art journal pages.

I've even included a set of layer styles so that you can easily get a slightly raised "rubbed" effect as I did in my layout below! :)

Journaling: Earnestness. It doesn’t sound like a typical 12-year-old boy characteristic, but it’s one of those defining things that makes you who you are. You are direct and thoughtful and sincere. You do have a silly side, of course, often being deliberately goofy or bursting out with a witty observation completely out of left field. But at times you didn’t actually mean to make a joke, and plead to know what’s so funny about something you just said or did. Even after all this time, I am often caught off guard by the depth of resolution with which you approach so many situations. It’s an endearing quality that has me proud of the young man you are right now and looking forward to seeing the amazing man you will someday be. photo 2.20.11 journaled 3.15.11

- Products by Kim Jensen at ScrapDish -
Rubdown {Alphabetic}
brushes: Rubdown {Geometric} and {Eclectic}
papers: Emotional Grunge
- other –
fonts: Pea BethC (Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas), LD Remington Portable (Lettering Delights)

All three sets are on sale! Hurry over now! Sale ends March 23rd!

Happy scrapping!


Tania said…
These are really great Kim!!
whatkatiedid said…
Oh Kim, these are fabulous - I LOVE that alpha! It shall be mine! Lovely to see you making new stuff :)