New! Pink Lemonade Papers & Alpha! And a little SALE!

The July Bits & Bytes are up, and I have some new hand-painted items! I had so much fun breaking out the watercolors to do these! Pink Lemonade Painted Papers and Pink Lemonade Alpha are 25% off now through July 8th!

And I did a layout. :)

Journaling: Kaylee, Kaylee, quite contrary. Sometimes I think we should have named you Mary, since that line of the poem fits you so well. You will dig your heels in at any suggestion that you should do a particular chore, procrastinating and complaining until it takes you four times longer than it should have to complete the task. You openly admit that when given two options (like what we should make for lunch), you instantly prefer the opposite of whatever we settle on, and nothing will convince you to change your mind. Sometimes I get so very frustrated by it all. And then, just when I'm not quite sure I can take it anymore, you will turn around and have a day where you are cooperative and helpful and enthusiastic. You definitely know how to keep me on my toes! June 2011

- Products by Kim Jensen at ScrapDish -
Pink Lemonade Painted Papers
alpha: Pink Lemonade Alpha
staples: Garden Pop {Exploded}
- other -
stitching: Essential Stitches #1 by Syrin
font: Pea Anderson by Kevin & Amanda’s Fonts for Peas

Also, my collabs with the srsly awesome Kate Hadfield are 30% off this weekend only!
Now is a great time to save on Audaciously Awesome and Srsly Stoked !!

Thanks for reading! Happy scrapping!