New! Bloomin’ Egg-cellent Flowers!

What do you get when you have a recycled paper egg carton, acrylic paint, and too much time on your hands? A fun and funky set of Bloomin' Egg-cellent flowers!

A closer look ...

Just a small sample of the BYOC layout awesomeness from the Lilypad CT…

There's loads more bright, springy BYOC goodness in store! It's all 20% off this weekend, and the usual tiered extra discounts apply. The more you buy, the more you save! Hop on over to
The-Lilypad now! :)


Jan said…
Oh my gosh, is that what those are made of. You are so original. I can't wait to work with there.
Thanks, Kim.
Anonymous said…
Finally have a chance to tell you that I admire your work so much! I love the flowers and the color palettes that you use. Thank you for sharing your work with us. It's often a breath of fresh air!

For some reason Google will not let me use my Google account, I'm sorry.
Portland, OR