Want a Rubdown? How about at 50% off?

Hooray! It's time for another "Something Old, Something New" sale day! Everything in the SOSN category is 50% off for one day only! This week I'm featuring my Rubdown series – so perfect for adding texture, pattern, or whimsy to your pages!

I've always loved the look of crayon rubbings... the imperfections of the uneven texture and the surprise of never knowing exactly how it would turn out. I went a little crazy rubbing almost every random object I could get my hands on to put together these three sets of randomly delicious brushes/overlays! Here are Rubdown {Eclectic}, Rubdown {Alphabetic}, and Rubdown {Geometric}.

A little Rubdown inspiration!

Hop on over and get your Rubdown now!! :)

Thanks for reading! Happy scrapping!