Welcoming Spring with a Flower Sale!

Spring is finally here for us folks up north... well at least according to the calendar! In honor of that, I have included 4 of my favorite flower packs in today's SOSN saleBloomin' Sweet, Bloomin' Egg-cellent, Bloomin' Stuffed, and  Daisies & Dandelions! Everything in theSOSN category is 50% off for one day only!

First up, a Bloomin' Sweet assortment of handcrafted fabric flowers. :) Set includes five unique flowers in five color/center variations each, for a total of 25 pieces.

Bloomin' Sweet

What do you get when you have a recycled paper egg carton, acrylic paint, and too much time on your hands? A fun and funky set of Bloomin' Egg-cellent flowers! Nine different flowers, in two or three variations each, plus four leaves, for a total of 25 egg-stra special pieces! ;)

Bloomin' Egg-cellent

Next up, Bloomin' Stuffed – a whimsically wonky set of flowers to add a little sass to your layouts! Eight handcrafted fabric blooms, stuffed to varying degrees of puffitude, in three variations each, plus four leaves, for a total of 28 pieces just stuffed full of fun! ;)

Bloomin' Stuffed

One last cool and creative pack! Daisies & Dandelions is full of bright blooms for your layouts!

Daisies & Dandelions

Some fabulous floral inspiration from my creative team and the Pollywogs!

Hop on over and pick your flowers now before this sale hops away! :)

Thanks for reading! Happy scrapping!