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I designed, I scrapped, I got picked!

Checking in!

Warning: Pity Party Ahead

Home again, home again...

What a day.

Rich Christmas kit, etc.

Just the pics :)

Nose to the design stone

Spinning my wheels. And a kit and a layout.

So not even 15 minutes after I posted that last entry...

Rambling recap

Chat freebie!

Vote! And an update on the bed.

The one in which Mark ends up sleeping in the guest room.

Chatter, new kit. :)

Sunday again.

Gosh, it gets dusty in here fast.

Magic report, new kit.

The big event approaches...

Little things make me happy. :-)

Not nearly weird enough. ;-)

Happy Anniversary! Kit stuff! :-)

Clearance sale, layouts, and news.

Still hot. School update. Jeanine's birthday sale.

Meet the teacher

Good morning. :) Digital decluttering and such.

A whole week?

A break from the heat

Freebie Tonight!

Doing better

Bad to the Bone...